Attractions and Events

Attractions and Events of the ICU Festival can be divided into two types, performances and booths by the students, and the events organized by the ICU Festival Committee.

Attractions and Events by the ICU Festival Committee:

Opening Event
when : October 21st 10:00〜10:35
where : Special stage set for this opening event
ICU-1 Granprix
Vote for what you like the most!
@Information Center or QR code
ICU Campus Tour
Have a look at history, facility and life at ICU! English tours are also available.
*Reception time : October 21st 10:30~/22nd 10:00~
*Reception place : Information Center or QR code (or here)
※ Reservations are necessary
Amazing Rally
Collect stamps / answer quizzes / take photos at ICU campus and exchange it with special prizes!
ICU Live Presentations
Come be a part of passionate learning experience; powerful talks related to liberal arts.
when : October 21st 12:40~13:20,15:30~16:10
October 22nd 12:40~13:20
where : Honkan 213 classroom
ICU Open Classes
Expand your world with ICU Open Classes!
※ Reservations are necessary →Here
Kids Festival(Inside)
Let’s play together at the huge campus of ICU! A lot of excitement awaits you!
ICU Kids’ Art
Let’s create shrink plastic charms and traditional Japanese paper collage called chigirie!
10:00~16:00 @Honkan 170 classroom
Hero Greeting
two times in each day(Visit our Facebook and Twitter to check the time!) @ Honkan 1F entrance
Kids Festival(Outside)
10:00~16:00 @Aho Yama
Cotton Candy
ONLY first 600 arrivals of each day @Sankaku Shiba
October 21st 10:00〜15:00(cancelled in case of rain) @Aho Yama
Flying Paper Rings
October 21st 10:00〜16:00(cancelled in case of rain)
Limited 500 people @Manuke Yama
Mukashi Asobi (traditional Japanese toys)
October 21st 11:00〜16:00 @Manuke Yama
Sports day
October 22nd 10:00〜14:45 @Manuke Yama
The Biggest Picture Book in the World
October 22nd 12:30~13:00 @Sankaku Shiba
Grand Finale
Don’t miss the climax of ICU Festival, with the awards ceremony and special dance performance!
when : October 22nd 17:10~ @Aho-yama Main Stage