Let’s talk with ICU students!

When: 10/20 10/21 11:00~17:00

Where: Honkan 203 classroom

Feel free to ask ICU students any questions such as school life at ICU or entrance exams. A lot of ICU students who have different backgrounds welcome you!

The Class I Wnat to Take the Most at ICU

When: 10/20 11:00~11:40, 14:50~15:30  10/21 11:00~11:40, 14:50~15:30

Where: Honkan 213 classroom

Let’s give ICU lectures a try! What kinds of professors and lectures are there? Experience ICU lectures which place a large importance on “dialog.” Popular professors who were chosen by the students providing to you all the attractions of learning at ICU!

What made you come to ELA?

When:10/20 12:55~13:35 10/21 12:55~13:35

Where: Honkan 213 classroom

English education within ICU is like no other. With its symbolic English course known as English for Liberal Arts (ELA) one is granted the exclusive opportunity to interact with such specialized professors. Why don’t you join us?

ICU Talk!

When: 10/20 12:05-12:30、14:00-14:25、15:55-16:20 10/21 12:05-12:30、14:00-14:25、15:55-16:20

Where: Honkan 213 classroom

Talk theme: “Power for the Future” 

Student, professor and graduates who are the representative of ICU will be giving a special presentation! Looking forward to seeing you at Honkan 213 room!!