Kids Festival (Inside)

 Let’s Play in English

Where: Honkan 155 classroom

When: 11:00~/15:00~

Let’s play with ICU students in English! You can play Karuta and Bingo and learn English. Children who have never learned English are welcome!! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Mukashi Asobi (Japanese traditional toys

When: 10/20 10/21 10:00~16:00

Where: Honkan 170 classroom

We will also be having three other Japanese traditional toys ( cup-and-ball, japanese spinning top & fishing), in which you can try out so do not miss it!

Cotton Candy

When: 10/20 10/21 10:00~16:00

Where: Honkan 168 classroom

For children under the age of 12, we will be giving out cotton candy for free so please come and visit before it runs out!

Shrink plastic

When:10/20 10/21 10:00~16:00

Where: Honkan 170 classroom

Shrink plastic is a type of plastic that is often used to create charms, jewerly, etc., by drawing images on it and heating it. At ICU festival, we will be holding a place where you can turn your drawing into a key charm using this shrink plastic, so please feel free to come and visit!