Kids Festival (Outside)

Athletic in ICU

When:10/20 10/21 10:00~16:00


Let’s enjoy this athletic with feeling the nature of ICU! There are many kinds of obstacle to overcome! If you pass all obstacles, you can get a great prize!

The Biggest Picture Book

When: 10/20 14:00~14:30

Where: Porufe

There will be the biggest picture book show which is held by “RanRan” in ICU!

The maximum size is about 8m! Let’s come to Polfe and experience this scale!(edited)

Borrowing and Collecting Things

When :10/20 10/21 10:00-16:30

@Information Center

Collect things which you make or you are given by doing attractions or projects. Do your best to get a nice gift!


Play Park for a Day

When:10/21 10:00-15:00

Let’s have fun to make a stuff from natural ingredients under the sun! It must be a good memory and souvenir!

The wonder of bubbles

When:10/20 10:00-16:00 10/21 10:00-16:00

Where: Manuke yama

Have you ever wonder why bubbles can fly? Let’s find the secret of bubbles while having fun to see sort of exhibition and blowing bubbles!