LIFE! 〜 Lectures for Your Life 〜

Life is where you learn. Don’t you sleep through your life, do you? Our professors and alumni will devote special lectures to all those who are crazy about curiosity. Every moment in a class will make you find yourself saying “Eureka!”, which means what ICU is. 12-minute bus trip doesn’t matter! We’re looking forward to seeing you in the classroom.

・Taking pictures and video recording are strictly prohibited during lectures.
・Please turn off your cellphones or put them on silent in the classroom.
・You can freely come in and out of the class during lectures.

Both Day 11:00~16:40

The Place Where All Future ICU Students Assemble

Dear everyone who would like to enter ICU,

“What kind of school is ICU?” “How should I take measures for the entrance exam?” “I want to know an ordinal ICU life!!”

The all information about ICU is here for you.

You can freely talk to ICU students and staff from the Admissions Center. Also, you are able to communicate with people who aim for ICU like you.

Your first step is beginning from here.

Both Days 11:00~17:00

ICU Chapel Concert 2019 ~Coloring Your Hearts~

The magnificence of ICU chapel and beautiful sounds played by students make a special concert. Join and enjoy nostalgic moment that colors your heart.

* Seating will be open seating, and you can enter or exit during the concert. Please refrain from bringing your food and drinks, using your mobile phones or electronic devices, and taking pictures in the chapel.

ICU Chapel