Outdoor Tent


KUSHI festival “”Wasshoi!”
23 3M

Q: Which day of the week do chickens hate most?
A: Fry-day!

We don’t fry. Let’s just buy.
Yakitori sharpens you up.

Outdoor Tent35-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

ICU Film Club Yaki-Udon
ICU Film Club

Our famous Yaki-Udon is back by popular demand! Enjoy this Omatsuri favorite made special on a Teppan grill!

Outdoor Tent33-2
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

23 3C

Why don’t you be photogenic with the bulb soda? The bulb soda is sold by 23 ELA section 3C.Let’s enjoy ICU fes with them:)

Outdoor Tent34-2
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

Mikan English Muffin
Mikan Fun Club

We will sell Mikan English Muffins. You can’t get this anywhere else. Please come to our booth and try it! We are looking forward to you visiting our store.

Outdoor Tent15-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Clumsy’s KARAAGE
The Clumsy Chorus

Crispy, piping hot, and fried fresh on the spot! It’s The Clumsy Chorus’ popular karaage! Enjoy our fried chicken💓

Outdoor Tent 2-2
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

Fujinomiya Yakisoba
ICU badminton club
Outdoor Tent36-1
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

23 1A’s lemonade stand
23 1A

Stop by our lemonade stand for some refreshing drinks!

Outdoor Tent32-2
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

UNBRAND’s Frankfurt

We sell delicious Frankfurt! Please drop in!

Outdoor Tent27-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

ICU Footloose

Hello! We are the ICU tennis circle, FOOTLOOSE!
We will be serving FOOTDOGS (hotdogs and hotdog buns)
with a variety of toppings ranging from sweet to salty.

Outdoor Tent37-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)


eigo wakarimasen

Outdoor Tent25-1


We sell lemonade at the way in front of the main building!

You can choose hot or iced.

Please come to NICK OJISAN’S LEMONADE when you are thirst!

Outdoor Tent30-1
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

The Authentic Arabic Cuisine
ICU Mideast Lovers

The ICU Middle East Society will introduce you the authentic Arabic cuisine. We will be absolutely happy if you feel the Middle East from the food.

Outdoor Tent22-1
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

Miyajima’s takoyaki
ICU tennis team

Have a taste of the ICU tennis team’s delicious and fluffy Takoyaki!

Outdoor Tent26-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Flower Boys
23 4F

The Japanese TSUKUNE which made from scratch !
We have three tastes, sause, salt, and cheeze !
You must come !

Outdoor Tent18-2
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)


Hello. We are ICU Basketball Lovers(IBL). This year, we are selling Takoyaki as always. Please enjoy our traditional taste.

Outdoor Tent38-2
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

Bon Appoutine!
23 3J

Poutine is a traditional Canadian dish. The dish consists of fries topped with gravy and cheese. We imported the authentic gravy and reproduced the local taste.

Outdoor Tent29-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Ginkgo 3rd Floor’s MIZUAME!
Ginkgo 3rd Floor

Hi, we are Ginkgo 3rd Floor!! We are going to sell Mizuame, starch syrup. Please come and see us!!

Outdoor Tent14-2
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

South Indian Cuisine
23 3Q

We are going to serve spicy South Indian cuisine called Dosa! Enjoy the meal and international environment in ICU!

Outdoor Tent 8-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Soft Drink Club


Outdoor Tent15-2
Eat and Drink(Beverage)、Goods(Stickers)

ORCA’s Rafute-Man!

We are often chosen as ICU festival gourmet award! We serve you ORCA’s Rafte-Man. It has a poke boiled with Okinawa sake and should be delicious!

Outdoor Tent30-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Hokkaido’s Specialty JAGAMOCHI
ICU Cycling Club

JAGAMOCHI is potato dumpling with MITARASHI (sweet soy sauce). It’s Hokkaido’s specialty and traditional taste. Try it!

Outdoor Tent33-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

22 3J

At Gyutopia, we offer skewered beef. We welcome you with four flavors such as salt pepper and Italian herbs! Please enjoy it!

Outdoor Tent34-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Try our hot quesadillas!

Quesadilla is a classic dish from Mexico with cheese and meat sandwiched between tortillas. Come and try our delicious quesadillas!

Outdoor Tent 1-1
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

ICU Service Co.,Ltd.
ICU Service Co.,Ltd.

ICU Service Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICU. You can get the information about Hakama Rental, Off-Campus Housing, Driver’s License, etc..

Outdoor Tent39-1
Company Introduction

3E’s quesadilla
23 3E

What’s ”quesadilla”? Come and just try it!! ( It’s so yummy!)

Outdoor Tent26-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Mountain TONJIRU
Wandervogel club
Outdoor Tent29-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Rich cheesestickcake
23 3i Happy Kariya

We are proudly serving you the delicious cheesecakes!! We guarantee that your mouth will be filled by eating a bite! ! ! Please purchase by all means. Thank you

Outdoor Tent37-2
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

Charity Chiropractic
Alumni Association

Eversince2002 and this year again, Chiropractor Takashi Tsukuda(ID00)will be available for a posture check-up and brief treatment.

Outdoor Tent39-2

Kijon tteogbokki
Outdoor Tent18-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Women’s Lacrosse’s GYOZADOG
Lacrosse team

The popular Gyozadog from the you-know-where theme park just arrived at the forest of Mitaka!? Cooked and served by the beauties of the forest with much love♡

Outdoor Tent31-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Japanese sweets parlor
23 3H

For Japanese sweets fans!
When you feel tired, Super delicious Shiratama-zenzai (hot/cold sweet red bean soup with rice cake balls) will be waiting for you.

Outdoor Tent38-1
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

basketball -brownies-
ICU Seraphim

wanna enjoy the festival? wanna play basketball? come n get our delicious brownies!!

Outdoor Tent28-1
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

Tama-chan’s Churros
23 3K
Outdoor Tent19-1
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

Churros and Waffles
Nice 2C you
Outdoor Tent36-2
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

Brazilian Sausage Linguiça

Enjoy our juicy Brazilian Sausage, Linguiça burned in a charcoal fire!!

Outdoor Tent20-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

ICU Halcyon

You’ve gotta try one of these soup filled Haikyu-Dumpligs at the ICU fest! Try one of these and you will feel the flavor SPIKED right to your tastebuds!

Outdoor Tent 3-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Your Neighborhood Frenchy Fry
Debi Debi

Hi everyone! Come and enjoy our delicious & cheap French fries.

Outdoor Tent 4-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

John’s topokki
23 4A
Outdoor Tent 3-2
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

Mitaka Blueberry Drink
Make & Consume Local

Mitaka Blueberry Drink using the blueberry made in Mitaka. This year, we rescued the blueberry abscission for develop an interest in FOOD-LOSS!

Outdoor Tent 7-1
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

OFF-SIDE’s Fish Cakes est. 88′

OFF-SIDE’s fish cakes have been loved since 1988! Try out our three flavors; sweet beans, chocolate and cheese! Warning: Inability to stop eating may occur.

Outdoor Tent 4-2
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

Let’s Eat Okonomiyaki

ICU’s hottest club, flying disc club WINDS is going to grill a burning hot Okonomiyaki. Come and try!

Outdoor Tent 2-1
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

Tapioca Time
20 3G

Tapioca balls? Boba? Pearls??

Outdoor Tent23-1
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

Chill out space by Drag Verble
Drag Verble

Selected Musics and Drinks = Chill Out.

Outdoor Tent20-2
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

Coffee & Music

We will make you happy with our delicious coffee and home-made sweets.

Outdoor Tent25-2
Eat and Drink (Sweets)


Want Ramen or Yakisoba? Sorry but we serve neither. We only serve YAKI-RAMEN, the ulimate abomination of tastiness!

Outdoor Tent27-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

hub sweets

Hello! We are the ICU HUB. In the ICU festival, we will make parfait! I hope many of you will be able to come!

Outdoor Tent 5-2
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

Bibnka and chai tea
Table For Two

We will set up Bibinka cake and chai tea. It’s healthy and delicious so please come to eat.

Outdoor Tent 7-2
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

ICUFC Yakisoba Club

Among the many clubs inside of ICUFC, Yakisoba club stood up as the candidate. Look forward for the best yakisoba.

Outdoor Tent32-1
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

Vegan sandwiches

We’re selling vegan sandwiches while trying to reduce waste!

Outdoor Tent 8-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Namnam Kitchen
Namnam Kitchen

Finally, Namnam Kitchen is gonna have a booth at ICU Fes!!

Outdoor Tent31-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

The real BBQ by trainers
Bistro Beach

This is a beachside BBQ cafe! please enjoy our exclusive dishes cooked by a trainee and a gym instructor!

Outdoor Tent 1-2
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

Meat! Meat!! Meat!!!
22 3C

meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meet meat meat meat meat meat meat meat

Look for one “meet”! Let’s eat meat!

Outdoor Tent19-2
Eat and Drink (Proper Meal)

4D’s Crunchy Churros
23 4D

Anyone wants crispy CHURROS?Flavors:cinnamon,cocoa,Kinako,matcha.Dip your churros in chocolate and enjoy the miraculous sweet and crisp combo! Don’t miss out!!

Outdoor Tent21-1
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

23 3G

Do you know “Tamasenn”? If you have interest, please stop by our shop!

Outdoor Tent35-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Delicious Okinawan Donuts
ICU Okinawa

Delicious Okinawan donuts cooked by ICU students from Okinawa ✌

Outdoor Tent17-2
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

Flavors from Syria
Flavors from Syria

Syria may be one of the countries far away from Japan for most of you. However, flavors of mothers make Syria closer to you. Enjoy our mothers’ meal!

Outdoor Tent22-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

fruit punch!!
Section 3B (23)

Fruit punch is one of the most popular school lunch menu in Japan. Why don’t you experience our favorite! We are wating for you.

Outdoor Tent14-1
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

Toasted Marshmallow
ICU Nojiri-camp

Roast your own marshmallow with REAL charcoal fire and put it in between biscuits!
Enjoy the camping mood away from everyday life with s’mores!

Outdoor Tent 5-1
Eat and Drink (Sweets)

Weekly GIANTS’ Korokke
Weekly GIANTS Co.

You must fall in love with my newspaper Now KOROKKE and our you can get ICU festival – limited journal which make you enjoy IICU festival 100 times

Outdoor Tent21-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Let’s eat ICU

“Matchsticks” sells food and drinks made from plants such as acorns that were picked in ICU.

Outdoor Tent23-2

Game Booth 3F
23 3F

Too full to enjoy ICU Festival? Then why don’t you come and have some fun at Game Booth 3F! You can play quoits or shooting to win a prize. See you there!

Outdoor Tent24-1
Fair (shooting and ring throwing)

I Welcome campaign

Use VR as a tool to create empathy for refugees among people living in Japan and protect the refugees.

Outdoor Tent24-2

Safety agricultural product

Local young farmer sell fresh and safety agricultural and livestock products which are all made in farm in Mitaka-shi. Enjoy their soulful food!

Outdoor Tent9-1

Quoit play
MItaka Chuo-dorimall

We are Mitaka Central Street Shop Association. We hold events “M marche” on the 4th Sunday of each month. Please feel free to come and visit us!!

Outdoor Tent9-2

ICU blend for ICU

We are COFFEEya from Mitaka and Koganei. We prepare special ICU blended coffee and fresh coffee for ICU festival 2019. Please enjoy both coffee!!

Outdoor Tent10-1
Eat and Drink (Beverage)

Original pan-fried Xiaolongbao

Our Xiaolongbao is the medicinal cuisine which aims to maintain a healthy life.Why don’t you  stop by and enjoy our original pan-fried Xiaolongbao?!

Outdoor Tent10-2
Eat and Drink (Snacks)


「COCKTAIL HAMBURGERS」, a hamburger shop in Musashisakai, will sell tortilla. This is a limited item for outside sales. Enjoy our hot fresh cooked tortilla!!

Outdoor Tent11-1
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

Chohu Kitchen Car Club

We have yakisoba, dango, not to mention, broiled squid which is local’s favorite food in Osaka. Enjoy Osaka’s authentic taste!

Outdoor Tent12
Eat and Drink (Snacks)

A lot of Instagrammable food!

We have many Instagrammable products such as shaved ice parfait, fruit soda pop, cake pop originated in the USA, etc !! Enjoy our food !

Outdoor Tent13
Eat and Drink (Sweets)