Stage Events(Official)


OP (Opening)

This event is a grand ceremony to celebrate the ICU festival!
This year, there are lots of gorgeous projects such as samba parade and events using huge balloons!
Let’s enjoy the opening of the ICU festival together!

11/3(Sun) 12:00~12:30
Porfe stage

ICU-1 Grand Prix

Voting time: Nov. 3, 10:00 ~ Nov. 4, 15:30
Voting place: the flower garden in front of ICU chapel
What is the No.1 booth/performance/entertainment of ICU festival? That’s for you to decide!! You might win an exciting prize by voting! All you need is to scan the QR code with your smartphone and answer the questions! VOTE & WIN THE PRIZE!!

11/3 10:00〜11/4 15:30
the flower garden in front of ICU chapel

Grand Finale

An impressive finale with fireworks to liven up the last moment of ICU festival! (In case of rain, we will hold a Bingo game with magnificent prizes instead!)
Let’s have a blast all together!!

11/4 17:00~17:40
Ahoyama stage (Held in the auditorium in case of rain)